BMX2000Photonic ID System

BMX2000Photonic ID System consists of the most advanced security pigments and printable chipless RFID technology especially for cyber centric monitoring applications on the market today. Designed as an ultra low cost but highly robust alternative to conventional AIDC systems, such as barcodes, the cutting edge technology of BMX2000Photonic ID System for item level tagging and identification of all things utilizes spectral backscatter signals for accessing information on tags attached to objects.

A key component of this novel system is a sensor platform consisting of proprietary chipless photonic tags (transponders) that are fully passive and planar and can be printed on flexible as well as rigid substrates using digital, flexographic, gravure and other conventional printing processes. Applications of unique spectral signatures imbedded in these tags range from military and industrial inventory control to anti-counterfeit measures on banknotes, secured documents as well as specialty labeling and packaging for product authentication and brand protection. The use of these tags was first introduced over twenty years ago by NEW WEST    for the biological sciences to identify and track macro-organisms.

The second component uses a specialized multi-spectral analog reader (interrogator) system that communicates with the sensor tag on the front-end and with an on-board computer on the back-end. The load modulated backscattered communication techniques used makes it possible for this system to generate almost an infinite number of unique and secure ID codes.

The reader is available in various sizes and configurations, depending on the application. The more compact models are small and economical enough to be incorporated into many consumer electronics and appliances. Larger models are suitable for mounting over conveyor belt systems.

What form the basis of this technology are our innovations not only in the development of advanced UV ink and coatings for offset, digital, silk screen, flexographic and gravure printing as well as hot stamping but also in the areas of advanced photonics, micro/nano-polymer technology and chipless RFID systems primarily for the defense and security applications. After almost 20 years, we are now authorized to bring some of these innovations to the commercial and industrial sectors.

BMX2000BioPhotonic Marking System

BMX2000BioPhotonicMarking is a “state-of-the-art” technique in tagging and remote-sensing of a wide range of macro-organisms.  It is the least invasive, externally visible, non-destructive marking technology available for wildlife research, assessment and management.
This highly robust spectral marking technique for identifying laboratory animals and monitoring other diverse species in captivity or in the wild was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1995.

Created for placement beneath translucent skins of animals and plants or surface mounting on highly pigmented, non-translucent or rigid integuments, BioPhotonicTags ("BPTs") are made with the highest quality fluorescent microspheres.  These particles are mixed in a proprietary formulation that assures bio-compatibility and high retention as well as ease and safety of administration even under difficult field conditions.

Available in a variety of colors that are either apparent or “cryptic” under ambient conditions, BPTs exhibit intense fluorescence and only when excited by an artificial light source, such as the BMX2000 UV lamps or lasers. Moreover, it can be administered at earlier developmental stages of many species than is possible with many conventional marking techniques.

By design detection of cryptic BPTs always require an external UV light source. However, visibility of non-cryptic BPTs to the naked eye without the aid of an appropriate UV light source depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, tag quality and location, species, age, skin characteristics and growth rate of the animal.

Even with only a few distinct/standard colors, the number of codes can be greatly expanded by using multiple tagging sites.  The number of unique spectral signatures that can be created by mixing microspheres of different colors is almost infinite.

BMX2000PhotonicSkinMarking ("PSM") Tattoo Ink

BMX2000PhotonicSkinMarking(“PSM”) Tattoo Ink formulated specifically for human and veterinary radiation oncology and related applications, is designed to enhance the accuracy and precision of treatment set up.

Available in 18 different standard skin tones as well as custom colors, these pigments represent a new generation of ink that has been used successfully by research biologists as well as tattoo artists for over 20 years without any adverse effects.  Also consisting of UV reactive dye labeled microspheres, BPTs or marks made with our BMX2000PSM pigments for target localization also fluoresce and are visible under UV light but cryptic or invisible at other times. These highest grade sterile polymer particles are also carefully sized to prevent their migration out of the marked area. They are NOT phosphorescent “glow-in-the-dark” or other types of conventional UV tattoo pigments.

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